Year One

Year One (2017-19) Augmented Reality Spatial Album

Copps' second release under the TCW label, Year One is an evolving, augmented-reality spatial album for iOS.

Listeners navigate the world around them to spatially experience the music--hearing different sounds, triggering different effects, and discovering entirely different lyrics and melodies. No listen is ever the same twice.

Above is a promotional video for V4 of the app, released in 2019.

More information, including a how-to guide for other musicians to build AR apps, is available at the TCW website.

Semaphore (2019) Full-Length Album

Copps' second release with bandmate Brittany Jean as Wall of Trophies, Semaphore finds the band building on atmospheres of lush synths and guitars, with their voices and emotions as sonic centerpieces.

Above is a video for the second single, Left Behind, released July 2019

The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Sony Music, Spotify, and more.

More information is available at the Wall of Trophies website.
Spatial Orchestra

Spatial Orchestra (2019) Augmented Reality Music Experience

For Copps' third release under the TCW label, Spatial Orchestra is a collaboration between TCW and Cinema-Sonic, whose beautiful orchestra forms the foundation of an immersive interactive experience--notably through augmented reality on iPhone and iPad devices. The app lets you physically walk through your living room or other space, seeing the instruments and hearing them as if they were there. Three different views are available.

Desktop versions are also available for PC and Mac.

More information, including a how-to guide for other musicians to build AR apps, is available at the TCW website.

Inauguration (2017) GPS Spatial Album

Copps' first release under the TCW label, Inauguration uses GPS technology to place and move sounds around listeners in the area between the White House and the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

Inauguration is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Above is a promotional video for the app, released January 2017.

More information, including a how-to guide for other musicians to build GPS apps, is available at the TCW website.

Rush/Release (2016) Digital Single

Rush/Release is Copps' first solo single, combining his love of dense atmospheres, hypnotic rhythms, and bright melodic work.

The single was produced and mixed in Stuttgart, Germany and mastered in Springfield, Virginia.

It is available for free stream and download on Bandcamp.


Heliograph (2016) Full-length Album

Copps is one-half of Washington, DC-based atmospheric rock band Wall of Trophies. Their 11-track debut album--written, produced, mixed, and mastered by the band--was released on 29 January 2016.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Sony Music, Spotify, and more.

Above is their music video for the album's third single, "Never/Always."

More information is available at the Wall of Trophies website.

Meditations (2015) Recorded A/V Performance

Meditations is an audio/visual work created for the PRISM 17 event in Sheffield, England. The piece was recorded via live performance in the artist's studio in July 2015.

The piece focuses on the attempt to distance oneself from the world via meditation while the sounds of the outside world seep in--at first distracting, but eventually becoming a part of the experience. The piece uses a hybrid greenery/abstract aesthetic to reflect on Sheffield's art scene and abundance of parks.

Watch the live performance here; the full piece showed at PRISM 17 at the Millennium Gallery on 24 July.

Circles (2015) Generative Audio/Visual

Circles is a generative, interactive audio/visual piece that uses SONAR sensors to detect viewers' presence and manipulate the key, melodies, and effects of the piece based on their proximity. When a viewer engages the work, each video pixel turns into a small paintbrush, painting across the television like a canvas. As the visuals are generative, no two pixel paintings ever look the same. Circles extends beyond the exhibit, as well. These pixel paintings automatically upload to a Circles page online--acting as a dynamic documentation of the piece. The artist also made twelve Circles prints, which he hand-transferred onto Minnesota wildwood. They have all sold.

- B:TON Festival (Brunnen, Switzerland) (2015)
- Athens Slingshot Festival and Georgia Museum of Art (Athens, Georgia) (2015)

Places (2014) Full-length Album

Places is a conceptual album made with Washington, DC musician Brittany Jean. The album mixes electronics, synthesizers, field recordings and folk music to take the listener to the imaginary Places that Brittany and Will constructed to write the songs in. The intimacy of these Places belies the 4,097 miles between Will and Brittany during the album's creation.

Playing here is "The Smoke/The Snow," the first single off the album. The album is available for free download at http://willcopps.bandcamp.com.

Target (2014) Pixel Painting

"Target" is a ten-minute video loop of pixel paintings created for Copps' first show in Germany. The piece concludes the trilogy that began with Copps' previous work "The Passenger Car." In it, Copps uses video shot in his new town to reflect on his move and adaptation to life in Germany.

- SCREENGRAB 6 (Queensland, Australia) (2014)
- DAZ (Stuttgart, Germany) (2014)
The Almagest Series

The Almagest Series (2013) Audio/Visual Album

The Almagest Series is Copps' audio/visual album. The album was created specifically for spaces in St. Michael's Castle, a part of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The work tackles the concept of "ambience" through both its atmospheric music and Copps' signature video-pixel paintings: it is equally functional when closely or casually observed in the castle.

Shown here is "6/12," one of the 12 pieces that make up the album.

- State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia) (2013)

Awakening (2012) Audio/Visual Film

Awakening is Will's first audio/visual film. It was completed in August, 2012. It explores the use of synaesthetic elements, selective use of color, and high-contrast imagery. The audio and video of the piece were created in concert with each other throughout the process—each influencing and driving the other.

- Colony 13 (Cardigan, Wales) (2013)
- Film Festival, Queens Hall Gallery (Pembrokeshire, Wales) (2013)
- Athens Slingshot Festival (Athens, GA) (2013)
- Cinesonika 3 Film Festival (Derry, Northern Ireland) (2013)
Summer, A Long Time Ago

Summer, A Long Time Ago (2013) Audio/Visual

"Summer, A Long Time Ago" is Copps' first collaborative piece with DC-area musician Brian Young and also the first piece he completed after his move to Germany. The piece is inspired by the "En Plein Air" artists, and as such is made from a foundation of field recordings and digital video captured in Copps' new location. These elements were then returned to the studio for manipulation. The piece evokes distant memories but also serves as an exploration of new surroundings.

- Continuous Present Tense (Tulsa Living Arts, OK) (2013)
- Media Rise Festival (Washington, DC) (2013)
Traffic Red

Traffic Red (2013) Pixel Painting

"Traffic Red" was specifically created for a RaiseDC charity event in DC. A visual-only piece, it was projected as an event centerpiece. It was used both on its own and as a background visual for the band Brett. "Traffic Red" builds upon much of the same philosophy and aesthetic of Copps' previous work "The Passenger Car," but was done through the lens of anticipation of Copps' impending move to Germany.

To learn more about RaiseDC, visit them on Facebook

- Malmaison (Washington, DC) (2013)

SONAR Duel (2013) Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

SONAR Duel is an interactive piece done in collaboration with new media artist Nathan Boyer. On one level the piece is about randomness: the melodies are randomly created, the feedback loop makes it behave in all kinds of random ways. And yet the triggers, and the harmonics that the TVs "speak" in, humanize the televisions and give them something of an illusion of consciousness. They begin to seem almost alive. This piece is about those tensions -- the tension between randomness and structure, and also the the tension between the truth of this being a machine with simple triggers and the illusion of sentience.

- Boston CyberArts Gallery (Boston, MA) (2013)
The Passenger Car

The Passenger Car (2012) Pixel Painting

The Passenger Car is the first of Copps' video-pixel paintings presented in a non-interactive format. The piece was created and recorded via a "performance" by the artist, as he manipulated a generative system he created into the resulting work. This was done by mapping many of the video manipulation parameters to faders, buttons, and knobs. This method of creation was similar to the way Copps worked on stage in his audio/visual bands. This method of working contributes to the unique aesthetic. The work was projected on endless loop over a large window in its own room at the gallery, giving the viewer the sensation that the room itself was moving.

- Doris Mae Art Gallery (Washington, DC) (2012)
Digital Synthetic

Digital Synthetic (2010) Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

The use of a SONAR sensor to detect when a viewer is present pushes Digital Synthetic into “painting” mode, where a video-pixel painting unfurls that is completely unique to the viewer’s presence and that moment in time.

- Boston CyberArts Gallery (Boston, MA) (2012)
- Stearns History Museum & Research Center (St. Cloud, MN) (2012)
- Volkswagen/Audi Headquarters (Herndon, VA) (2012)
- Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC) (2011-2012)
- Artisphere (Rosslyn, VA) (2010-2011)
You, Disappearing

You, Disappearing (2010) Audio/Visual

"You, Disappearing" is Copps' first audio/visual piece. The piece incorporates timelapse photography and Copps' electronic music.

- Online release (2010)